Mrs. Perry's Preschool - Offering a Quality Preschool and Summer Care Program
"Tonight was my baby's preschool graduation!! Sad and happy all at once. His teacher Mrs. Terri Perry is the most wonderful teacher and human being. When I needed a preschool for Lucas when several others turned us away because of Lucas allergies she accepted us without hesitation. She continuously went out of her way to ensure Lucas always had special treats on holiday parties and was always so conscious of things like playing with homemade play dough that is made from flour knowing that Lucas is allergic to wheat which flour is made from. If you need a preschool I HIGHLY recommend her! I only wish we knew of her when Robby was younger!! She is a cherished gem and we will miss her!!"  Christine S.
"Mrs. Perry is awesome!!!" -Tracey H.
"Mrs. Perry has taught all of my children in preschool. I highly recommend her! Her curriculum will prepare your child for kindergarten! She offers a 3 and 4 year old session with daily activities, crafts and much more, plus monthly field trips." Jessica S. 
"This is where my daughter attends! The teacher is GREAT, small classes so the kid's get lots of one on one attention, and it's affordable!!"  A.G.
"If you have young children at home, please give Mrs. Perry's Preschool a thought! She is the best!! My boys have both been under her care. She really cares about the children!! I can't say enough!!" Patti S.
"My daughter was attending another local daycare/preschool earlier in the year. She would cry just at the thought of going. Now with Mrs Perry's Preschool, she wakes us up EARLY in the morning asking if its time to go to school! Mrs. Perry has made such a difference! Thank you for providing a warm and safe environment for her to learn and grow!" J.M.
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